Poetry Competition Winners

We had well over 50 entries to the competition – and that’s not including the ones disqualified by length or naughtiness (you know who you are!). Five poems were picked, with very different qualities, reflecting all the different moods and styles.

The one that everyone loved because it made us laugh:

NICE!! by Rosie Epton-Peters

Marsters is as Marsters does
Shaved his head for playing Buzz
Now he’s got a curly noodle
I think he’s wearing a standard poodle

and one because James likes science:

Higgs v Marsters by Chris Winner

Some people yearn
To be in Cern
Beside the LHC,
What I yearn for
Is much, much more.
It’s Marsters TLC!!!

And three which were more traditionally poetic/romantic:

Untitled from Max Austin

The fire is ruining everything that we have written
And everything that we have said
And i can see the ink running down the page
And down your soft paper cheeks
And I can see what we have written dancing in the fire
And I can see what we have spoken to each other dancing in the fire
And It is rising towards the sky
And i can see the words on the paper
And the words still in my mind
And the words still in my pen
And the words in your eyes
And I am staring at the fire
And It Is Staring Back


Untitled from “Richer for having known you.”

Why do we come? You must wonder.
Bright consideration, deliberation, answers to questions
Not “a”, “b”, or “c”, but “other”, orthogonal,
The path not taken. Illumination, or stimulation
In reasoned counter-argument.
Sing, “You make me want to be bad.”
You make us want to be good. Better. Try harder.
Find a passion (something/someone), work to get it right.
Perseverance, responsibility. Reminder of older verses:
The “still centre” of the “spinning world.”
Strength. Endurance. Capacity for joy.
Not perfect, but enough.


From Your Valentine by Christine Osterhoudt

To Love is to sin.
So sinners, let the games begin.
Love may be a f-o-u-r letter word,
But it’s so much more than a verb.

Love won’t sit and behave like a noun.
No, no. Love has to keep running around.
Even caught, it is not found!
As quick as it came,
Love loves to play games!

So gear up! With your chocolates, your notes, and your flowers..
Get in line.
‘Cause love -
This one’s from your valentine.

So thank you to everyone who played the game. We’re contacting the above winners, so if you’re one of them and haven’t heard from us – check your spam filter, and mail us back! And see you at the concert.

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